Emergency Food Pantry: A Life-giving Shopping Experience for Many

Allan Love, the coordinator of the “Shopping Experience” emergency food pantry at the Church has sent along the following article. I commend it to your reading and response. Pastor Jeff.

Thank You For Visiting Our Emergency Food Pantry On Our Website.

My name is Allan Love and I am an elder with the First Presbyterian church of Port Richey. I am also the operating officer of our food pantry, which is what I would like to talk to you about.

We at First Presbyterian believe that one of our duties as followers of Jesus Christ, is to care for our fellow human beings without judgment or condemnation, The Bible records a story where Jesus fed a multitude of hungry people with only five loaves and two fishes. Jesus performed a miracle! Whether he literally divided the loaves and fishes, or convinced others to give their own hoarded food, a miracle was brought about on that plain in ancient Israel. We at First Presbyterian believe that that a miracle is happening in our midst. Our emergency food pantry has been in operation less than two months, once a week, and already we have given out over 2000 pounds of food and sundries!!! More than 400 people have been fed because of our work here. So, miracles do happen today. Our food pantry is a witness to the mighty power of God who gives life to us all.

We started our food bank two months ago. Naturally, with anything new, we have had to adapt and adjust. But with the help of volunteers like Margaret S., Roslyn L., Jean V., Barbara H., Phyllis W., Leonard K. ,Ken W., Bob B. and myself. have forged ahead. These women and men have volunteered their time to serve our neighbors in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I would be remiss if I did not mention the men and women of First Presbyterian have donated food, sundries, and money to help our neighbors in need.

I cannot begin to tell you how many different faces and names we have helped. They come in all varieties, and many of their stories would break your heart. Some are terribly ill. Some have been unemployed for some time and their insurance has or is about to run out. It goes on and on. The children, who sometimes accompany their parents, are not going to bed hungry because of us and our work. And when they wake in the morning, they go to school with a full tummy.

We have all heard the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. This is also part of our work. When people come in, they not only receive things they need, but have the benefit of our connection with other helping agencies and government services. We have contacts with Metropolitan Ministries, Volunteer Way, Feed America, and other non-profits where folks can get help searching for a job, becoming self-sufficient, receive educational benefits, and help for addictions, to name just a few.

God has more for us to do. I appeal directly to you to join with us in this important ministry. Consider giving a tax-deductible donation to our food pantry, be it in the form of non-perishable food items, sundries, or monetary donations. You can click the donation page on our website and contribute to this ministry. However, our greatest need is for volunteers. We can always find work for you in our food pantry. If you are interested in helping in this ministry please contact us today. Our food pantry is open to the public each Friday from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM each week, except holidays.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and may God through Jesus Christ bless and keep you.




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